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Why do You need Indoor Plants and How To choose the right one?

Everyone knows that indoor plants make your space look beautiful and vibrant. But did you know that indoor greenery can actually help purify the air in your home? Even NBC wrote a whole article about. An abundance of research supports the benefits of having plants inside: they offer a sense of tranquility; they filter the air with their leaves; and they regulate humidity levels. Moreover, they act as a humidifier, by transpiring moisture onto the surrounding air. Thus, it’s not just about how they look but also about how they function at every level. So we @Vilagiomovements have structured this information to help you in your planting journey.

What are the benefits of having Indoor Plants?

Are they first and foremost attractive? Of course! Indoor plants have a natural aesthetic beauty. They have a huge variety of colours. They emit soothing smells as well, making them perfect for anyone who are stressed or apprehensive. By removing the surplus carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that humans create, they can raise the oxygen levels in the air. They are a wonderful source of comfort and help to reduce stress. Many of them also make wonderful gifts. Just the tip of the iceberg in terms of their advantages is how they elevate your mood. They can lower your risk of developing allergies by filtering out pollen from the air. Bacteria in the air are also decreased. This is why they are called “air purifiers”. They can also lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality. They are also low-maintenance and don’t require as much attention as a houseplant would - but they do look great!

Types of Indoor Plants You Can Grow

  • Air Purifying plants - These are the ones that are naturally humidifiers. These can be used to remove excess indoor air pollutants and allergens like pollen, dust, and chemicals from the air. They can improve the quality of indoor air by increasing the concentration of oxygen in the air.

  • Meditative plants - These are the ones that have calming properties. They are good for stress relief and can help reduce blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

  • Purifying plants - These are great for those with seasonal allergies. They can remove airborne allergens and pollutants like pollen, dust, and chemicals from the air.

  • Succulent Plants - Unlike other houseplants, succulents can endure limited watering because to a special adaption. They do not require watering as regularly as other plants because of their ability to store water in their thick, fleshy leaves, stems, and larger roots.

Choosing the right plant for your Home and Living Space.

You want to pick plants that will thrive indoors and are appropriate for your environment. Avoid choosing plant species that will quickly outgrow their space, are overly tall, or have severe water requirements. The room in which you intend to keep the plant should also be taken into account. Ensure that it is the appropriate size for the plant. Additionally, you might want to pick a plant that receives the same amount of light as the rest of your house or workplace. It will flourish and grow as a result of this. Additionally, you can select plants that are appropriate for your living area. Choose plants that thrive in high humidity if you live in a humid environment.
Furthermore, consider plants that will aid in reducing dust if your living space has excessive levels of it. Choose plants that will help to limit the quantity of light entering the space if your home receives a lot of sunlight. In other words, pick plants that can tolerate low light. Think about the temperature of the space as well as how it varies during the day. Make sure the plant you select can thrive in the climate of your house. There can be a plant that thrives in your living area but struggles to flourish in your home's temperature.


If you want your home to feel more welcoming and relaxed, then you’ll want to add some indoor plants to your home. Fortunately, there are many types of plants that can thrive in the home, indoors or out. You can find plants that purify the air and aid in digestion as well as plants that are aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic. They can also be a great gift for friends and family members. These are just a few of the many benefits that come with growing indoor plants. You’ll reap these benefits when you grow your very own indoor plants in your home.
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