Pastured chickens also known as Free Range Chicken are raised on a pasture, which is a type of open land where the grasses and other plants grow naturally.

Pastured chickens are allowed to roam freely and eat all the grasses, insects, and other foods they want.

Whereas, Conventional chicken is a type of meat that has been bred and grown in a factory. They are usually raised on a diet of corn, soybeans, and other grains.

The chickens are typically housed indoors in dark, crowded warehouses with no access to the outdoors. They have no ability to engage in natural behaviors like pecking for food or feeling the earth underneath their feet.

The chickens are kept alive by artificial light and controlled ventilation systems that regulate temperature and humidity levels. Sounds artificial doesn't it?

Eggs from chickens kept on pasture are known as pastured eggs. Because they contain more omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D than eggs from hens housed in cages, they have been found to be healthier.

Eggs from birds that are permitted to range freely and scratch at the ground are known as pastured eggs. The hens frequently consume an all-natural diet of plants, seeds, and insects. Because they contain more omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D than ordinary eggs, pastured eggs have been demonstrated to be more nutrient-dense.

Among the advantages of pastured eggs are:

1) More Omega-3s: Pastured eggs have twice as much omega-3 content as conventional store-bought eggs.

2) More Vitamin D: Compared to conventional store-bought egg yolks, pastured egg yolks can contain up to 100% more vitamin D.

3) Better for the environment: Because they are allowed to roam freely on pasture, chickens have better health and leave a smaller carbon imprint.

4) Better for humans: According to studies, hens raised on pastures produce eggs that taste better, are healthier, and are less likely to be contaminated or cause salmonella illness because they are fed natural foods and are generally happier and healthier.

How is pasture better than conventional?

Chickens raised on pastures live more naturally. They are permitted to spend their days outside, unrestricted by a coop. Additionally, they are free to wander and scratch the ground in search of worms and insects.

Additionally, pastured chickens have access to sunshine, clean air, and lush grasslands. These hens are far healthier than typical chickens, which are kept in small, dark, enclosed environments. Despite the fact that conventional chicken is less healthier than organic chicken, it is still a decent source of protein and is sometimes more economical.

In addition, because they come from chickens kept outside rather than in a factory, pastured eggs are healthier than conventional eggs because they are higher in nutrients and lower in cholesterol.

A healthier alternative to factory-farmed chicken is chicken grown in the pasture. It has higher beta-carotene, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, chickens raised in pastures are more likely to be free of harmful bacteria that might result in foodborne illness.

Buying chicken that has been reared on pasture appeals to various people for various reasons. While some people prefer a healthier option, others are worried about the risks associated with industrial farming and wish to minimize their exposure to it.

Because it generates less waste and occupies less area, chicken raised on pastures is better for the environment. Chickens grown on pasture offer advantages that go beyond those to the environment. When given the freedom to roam, chickens are happy and produce meat that is more palatable and healthy for humans to consume.

Where Can You Find Healthy Pasture Raised Chicken?

People used to own their own farms and live in rural areas. They would raise their own food, leading to a healthier way of life. Today, however, we live in cities with toxic air and few places to go outside. Our nutrition and general health have changed significantly as a result of this.

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